Sunday, February 5, 2012

The New York Giants are Super Bowl XLVI Champions!

Damn! That's what we call Super Bowl! Heart pumping, eye-popping, nerve bleeding, blood burning! The New England Patriots are very close to winning the Super Bowl XLVI, yet the Giants with a final score of 21-17. They did it and made a 4-point lead 56 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter. Tom Brady never made 80 yards in less than a minute.

This is an epic and historical Super Bowl game! The best game I've ever seen! The Patriots were defeated for the 2nd time around. I hope they can make it again in Super Bowl 2013! I really want the New England Patriots to win. Too bad, the Giants did a great job! Eli Manning did an awesome job. Tom Coughlin did a very fantastic job! All members of the New York giants, congratulations for a job well done! You are now the Super Bowl 2012 champions!

Once again, see you all in the 47th Super Bowl, or Super Bowl XLVII next year!

Super Bowl 2012 Live Score Updates!

The Super Bowl heat is on and we are now on the beginning of the climax as the Giants scored first! The football pressure is at its peak as the NY Giants scored first! They are now leading with the score of 2-0. After a few minutes, they scored again! 3 minutes left on the first quarter and the New York Giants are leading this game! The latest score at this very moment is 9-0 in favor of the giants. Time now is 7:00 PM EST and we have 3 minutes left before Q1 ends!

Will the Patriots match the pace and beat the Giants before the first quarter ends? Can they still make it and score against the Giants? I hope so. I'm still looking forward for the Patriots to win this match! I'm too tired of posting a new article over and over again. I'll be updating this post from time to time as the score progresses. This will be my live dedicated page for Super Bowl 2012 score updates.

By the way, if you can't watch the live stream at NBC Sports, here's a better alternative for a cheap price of less than 5 dollars!

Stay tuned for more updates on this very page! Once again, the score right now is 9-0 in favor of the New York Giants!

UPDATE 7:15 PM EST: The first quarter has just ended with the score of 9-0.

UPDATE 7:20 PM EST: It's a great start for the New England Patriots! They scored first in Q2. The updated score right now is 9-3, still in favor of the Giants!

UPDATE 7:45 PM EST: Oh wow! What an awesome move! The Patriots are now leading and there's only 8 seconds left before the first half ends! The score now is 9-10 in favor of the New England Patriots! So far, the Giants did not score in the 2nd quarter. Thanks to Brady's 96 years touch down drive! The longest in Super Bowl history! Go Patriots!!! Go Brady!!!

UPDATE 8:00 PM EST: The 2nd quarter ended with the Patriots on the lead at 10-9. Let's take a break while watching the half time show.

UPDATE 8:30 PM EST: We're now on the 3rd quarter and the Patriots are off for a great start! They scored first in the third quarter. The score is now 6-0 in the 3rd quarter. The total score is now 9-16 in favor of the Patriots! Whoa! Watta game!

UPDATE 8:31 PM EST: Awesome! The Pats scored again! The updated score as of this moment is 9-17 in favor of the New England Patriots! Aaron Hernandez made it to the end of the zone for the touchdown! The Giants couldn't get to him with their linebackers because he's damn fast! For the passing score updates, Brady is now ahead with 201 yards, while Manning only passed 148 yards.

UPDATE 8:40 PM EST: Wow! The Giants finally scored 3 in the 3rd quarter! Still, the Patriots are on the lead with a total score of 17-12. This game is awesome! The pressure is almost at its pinnacle! Mario Manningham did a great job with a short catch but it went for just five and that sets up a field goal for Lawrence Tynes! That made them a score of 3 points for the 3rd quarter. Once again, the updated score is now 17-12. Patriots are still leading with 5 points.

UPDATE 8:55 PM EST: What an awesome quarter! The Giants scored 3 points before the end of the third quarter. The total scored in Q3 is 6-7 in favor of the Patriots. The overall total score of all 3 quarters is 15-17, in favor of the Patriots! We're now on a short break before we begin the 4th and last quarter! The Patriots are only leading with 2 points. Defense is the key so that they'll be the 2012 Super Bowl champions. Will the Patriots maintain the lead and win this time? Or will the Giants snatch the lead from the Patriots and go home with flying colors? Let's find out after the end of the 4th quarter!

UPDATE 9:00 PM EST: Here we go guys! The 4th quarter has just started! Just refresh this page to read more updates about Super Bowl XLVI.

UPDATE 9:02 PM EST: A great start for the Patriots. They have it at the 38 yard line. Green-Ellis opens the Q4 with a 5 yard run for a first down. And oh, #SuperBowl is now trending world wide on Twitter! Whoa! Trending topics right now at NFL Huddle is Tom Brady with 256k shares, followed by #Patriots with 255.7k shares, and #Giants with 143k shares. It looks like the Patriots are winning if the bases is the number of fans! Haha!

UPDATE 9:15 PM EST: 13 minutes and 23 seconds left before the 4th quarter ends. Right now, the score is still 15-17, still in favor of the New England Patriots!

UPDATE 9:26 PM EST: 1st and 10 at the Patriots 32. It looks like this is Patriot's game. Tom Brady and the Patriots will take over in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl with only 8 minutes and 35 seconds left. Damn! This is exciting! Score Update is still 15-17 in favor of the Patriots!

UPDATE 9:45 PM EST: This is what we call an epic game! Only 2 minutes left and the Patriots is still leading! The score is still 17-15 in favor of the New England Patriots. The Giants only who is a last minute touchdown. The Patriots will invest all their power for defense. Great defense + great teamwork = Super Bowl champions! Only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter guys!

UPDATE 9:45 PM EST: Damn! A miracle happened! The crowd are screaming like crazy! The kickoff was a touchback. The Giants are now on the lead. The score right now is 21-17 in favor of the Giants! Brady has to go 80 yards in 56 seconds in order to win this year's Super Bowl! Geeeeeezzzz!!! This is the best Super Bowl game ever!!!!

UPDATE 9:46 PM EST: 5 seconds left! The Giants are still leading!

UPDATE 9:47 PM EST: Oh wow! The game finally ended and the New York Giants won! Again! My prediction didn't come true after all.